Friends of HRCT

Picture Caption: WINCHESTER TOUR 08-06-19 The locoshed at the Moors Valley Railway

Friends of the HRCT

Secretary: John Larke 8 Ouse Road, St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 3FT
E-Mail: 01480 353526


You can join the Friends of the HRCT if you want to support the Heritage Rail Industry, as people who are interested in all railways, tramways and museums, as well as other transport related subjects gain a lot of pleasure from meeting others with like minds. The Friends principally organise meetings, get togethers, visits and tours to interesting place. From the very close association with the Heritage Railway Association of course the Friends enjoy privileged access, but apart from that, the pleasant social exchange of people with similar interests meeting each other is very pleasurable. The Friends are also a mixing pot for all ages and all people, with programmes designed to help the less-privileged, the young and family members to see interesting things, and take part in fascinating activities that they could not organise on their own. The accent for the Friends is not just generating fun and joy for the participants, there is serious educational and cultural purpose in many of the activities – and that is why the Friends are run by the Heritage Rail Charitable Trust. So you are invited to be a member, and to join in with the fun. Of course, the fun has been a little curtailed recently as the paragraph below explains.


The Covid 19 Emergency has been a truly awful time in the life of our heritage railways. Your membership is continuing to support the heritage railway movement in the Emergency, when it needs it now, more than ever before. Those who join as Friends of the HRCT give valuable support to the heritage railway movement in the Emergency, to help it to get through.

The Friends enjoy a social programme, where we generate an invitation to go behind the scenes at HRA member railways, tramways and museums. In addition we pledge to you to offer interesting and excellent tours for you and your partners – something of railway interest, but not forgetting general interest either, and always hunting out the unusual. And it’s these tours that are the Friends hallmark, together with a number of gatherings. We can do none of that during lockdown, and our wonderful York and Hull tour – already almost fully subscribed is ‘on hold’. We can have no gatherings, we can have no social functions, we can run no tours during ‘Lockdown’ – but as soon as the Covid 19 Emergency subsides – and it is showing signs now of doing this, following the successful vaccination programme, then our social functions will be back. The most optimistic reports are for early summer 2021 – we shall see.

Meanwhile to support HRCT as a Friend costs £21.60 per year – and you have the option to purchase an Inter Rail card at a cost of £90.00 if you are renewing one you purchased for 2019/20 and £120.00 for a new purchase, which is valid for one person until the last day of February 2022. Transactions can be processed through the HRCT website, or if you do not have access to the Internet, by sending a cheque payable to the Friends of the HRCT to me at the above address or by making a bank transfer to the bank address below.

All Friends will get a personal invitation to renew their subscriptions. We very much ask for your continued support from this website, as this will help the heritage rail industry.

Yours sincerely,

John Larke
Secretary Friends of the HRCT.
01480 353526

If you are renewing an InterRail card via the HRA Website, to get the discount add the code BPDMKAD.

To make a bank transfer to HRCT:
Barclays Bank
Branch Sort Code: 20-84-61
Account Number: 80585459